Halo Wars Strategy - Advances Boom Strategy

USER SUBMITTED: Hawk/Wolverine/Gremlin Boom

I formed this strategy after getting my Hawks destroyed by Covenant Vampires over and over both by the computer and online skirmishes.

In your first Base, build Supply Pads and a Reactor to get your flow of supplies coming in.  Upgrade to Heavy Supply Pads ASAP.  Start upgrading your Gremlin's once you have the power level and supplies.  Upgrade your Reactor once you have the required amounts of supplies.  Establish a second Base.  Build Supply Pads, a Reactor, and a Field Armory.  Upgrade your first Base to add two new build sites.  Build a Vehicle Depot and an Air Pad.  Your next priority is producing and upgrading your Hawks. BUILD 10 HAWKS AT THE MOST. You can get away with more, but this is the safest number that I have found. Upgrade Wolverines in your Vehicle Depot, and produce 5 of them. You should have plenty of supplies coming in at this point.... so get the +10 army limit upgrade and build 10 Gremlins.  At this point you have 10 Hawks, 5 Wolverines, and 10 Gremlins for a 40/40 army total.  Your Hawks are your main damage dealers, the Wolverines can keep the Covenant Vampires off of them, and your Gremlins can tear through just about any ground unit.  I have also found that Gremlins are particularly good at bringing down Covenant Base shields.  Your Hawks can tear up any infantry that could get your ground units in trouble.  Your Wolverines can dominate any aircraft, and your Gremlins laugh at the pathetic attempts of the ground vehicles to get close to your army.

I have only lost once using this strategy.  I’m new to Halo Wars and think this is pretty solid for being my first strategy.

Note: Gremlins are better than Cobras because they are cheaper and only take up 1 population point.  Building Turrets, as well as Spartans, to counter early enemy attacks can be very helpful.

SUBMITTED BY: tootallball

USER SUBMITTED: Custom Infantry Boom

This is the strategy I used for most of the game, and the skirmish matches before I bought Halo Wars on CD (I had the download to play).  Anyway, This is a general-use infantry Boom.  Start by building multiple Supply Pads in your first Base (but don't forget the Turrets), and then build a Reactor and Barracks.  Use the Warthog to gather supplies and scout your enemy.  This is the important part:

If your opponent is building an Air Pad / Summit, then train your Marine troops as usual.
If they build a Hall, then remember to also train some Flamethrowers to aide in taking down Hunters if need be.
If your opponent builds a Vehicle Depot / Factory, then you may reconsider this strategy.

Otherwise, lockdown your Base, and garrison Marines in the Base while researching New Blood, RPG Ability, Medic, and finally ODST.  If you have extra resources (likely if you assaulted a nearby Base earlier), then upgrade your Elephant.  Finally, when you have the maximum population, lead an assault on your opponent’s Base and opposing forces.  This works 87% of the time.

NOTE: You could also avoid training any units in your Base by deploying multiple Elephants, and then train the units on-site, with increases speed (you may have noticed that training troops in one Elephant will not affect how fast you can train troops in another Elephant, i.e. 5 Marines recruited in Elephant 1 will not be training in Elephant 2).  You can exploit this by rapidly deploying troops faster with your Elephants than you could otherwise train at your Barracks in your Base.

SUBMITTED BY: Mamboman111