Halo Wars Strategy - Rush Strategy  


3v3 MAC Blast Rush. Works well when the enemy is Covie.

Right in the beginning build 2 supply pads, one of the three cutters can send a warthog to someones base and everyone use the 600 resources left and mac blast his base. The base will only have a pinch of health left, ram your warthog at it and voila! one of the 3 guys are gone.

You are left with no resources, so make sure you use the money gotten from the supply pads to build a couple more or get right to infantry, your choice of the strat.

SUBMITTED BY: x5taR Ironman


Start out by building Supply Pad, Supply Pad, Upgrade Base, then Supply Pad. While these buildings are being constructed, scout with your Warthog and pick up as many supply crates as possible, as they help to speed up the building process greatly. After building the first set of buildings, build two Reactors and upgrade your Warthogs. Here is where the strategy splits into two different branches.

To Attack the Covenant: Build a Vehicle Depot.  Once the Vehicle Depot is done, start pumping out Scorpions, and construct another Supply Pad in the last available build site. Build Scorpions and Warthogs at about a 1 to 1 ratio until you feel that you have enough units to attack.  Before attacking, start to research the Grenadier Warthog upgrade, and Rush when it is about halfway complete.  When Rushing, remember to keep pumping out units, but always leave enough for a Disruption Bomb and a Healing ability because your opponent’s Leader powers are very strong.  The reason you should Rush with Scorpions against Covenant is because the Leaders are all very weak against Scorpions at early levels.

To Attack UNSC: Build an Air Pad. Once the Air Pad is done, start pumping out Hornets, and construct another Supply Pad in the last available build site.  Build Hornets and Warthogs at about a 1 to 1 ratio until you feel that you have enough units to attack. Before attacking, start to research the Grenadier Warthog upgrade, and Rush when it is about halfway complete. When Rushing, remember to keep pumping out units, but always leave enough for a Healing ability and a Disruption Bomb (if the other team has Covenant allies, if not, then don’t worry about the Disruption Bomb). The reason you should Rush with Hornets against UNSC is because the Hornets can take care of all the Scorpions and buildings, while the Warthogs take care of all the ground units. This is probably the hardest Rush in the game to defend against, as there is pretty much nothing that you can build to counter both a Warthog and a Hornet.


USER SUBMITTED: Brute Chieftain Custom Rush

To execute this strategy, you must select the Brute Chieftain as your Leader.  Start by building a Temple, one Warehouse, and a Hall.  Send your Chopper out to gather supplies/scout the enemy Base.  After you build your Hall, build two more Warehouses.  Now, depending on if your opponent is Covenant or UNSC, you will want to build different units.

If your opponent is Covenant, produce Jackals until the timer reaches 5:00 (5:00 is when they are usually still vulnerable). 

If your opponent is UNSC, produce Brutes AND Jackals, which should be pretty easy to alternate if you have 4 Warehouses.

Have your Leader close to your opponent's Base so you can teleport your army.  I recommend researching Defense Gauntlet for your Jackals at about 4:40.

Now attack.  If your opponent has Turrets, have your Brute Chieftain use his Vortex ability, and move your Jackals to a safer area. Your Brutes should fare pretty well against the Turrets.  If your opponent has a small army rather than Turrets, have your Jackals kill the infantry, and your Brutes destroy the military buildings.  Use your Brute Chieftain's Vortex ability on any small Warthog Rush that your opponent may have.

My personal record is having 7 Brutes and 12 Jackals at 5:00.  This may not sound like a lot, but it is very effective if your opponent hasn't built up an anti-infantry units.

SUBMITTED BY: monkachunka

USER SUBMITTED: Detailed Elephant Rush

A successful Elephant Rush will dominate your opponent through sheer numbers, and it is arguably the fastest Rush on the game.

Key points about the Rush:
* The aim of your Rush is to eliminate any army your opponent may have whilst attacking his Base.
* You must always destroy any Barracks immediately when attacking the Base because your worst nightmare is for your enemy to have an effective anti-infantry force in production.
* Keep your Elephant out of sight at all times! If your enemy spots it, then your Rush may become effectively crushed by a sabotage attack.
*Only use this Rush in 1v1 games because if your opponent has an ally then he will be able to effectively reinforce your victim and then launch a successful counter strike.

How to mobilize an Elephant Rush:
1. Construct an Elephant and use the 400 remaining credits to build 4 Supply Pads.
2. Send your Warthog out to gather supplies (this is key to being able to bolster you starting forces!)
3. Once the Elephant is complete, send it over to the enemy’s Base on the quickest possible route (teleporters are by far the best way, and they are also discrete).
4. Deploy your Elephant just out of sight to their main Base and Turrets and start chugging out units (Marines work best). However, if this person has been Elephant Rushed before, then he should know to produce a wave of anti-infantry in advance, which will crush your infantry.
5. Allocate some troops to destroy each building, and some to destroy any troops your opponent may create.  You should use Flamethrowers accompanied by 2-3 Marine squads.  Also, make sure that you destroy military buildings first.
6. Put your hands on your stomach and start laughing in a deep evil tone because you’ve just won!

All of this can be done in 2 - 5 minutes!

SUBMITTED BY: jamesg16

USER SUBMITTED: Captain Cutter 1v1 Deathmatch


As soon as the game starts, do these things in this order:
Create a Barracks, Vehicle Depot, and Air Pad, and then build Heavy Supply Pads at all other buildings sites.  This should take 10-20 seconds, then produce 5 Warthogs, 3 Spartans, and 3 Scorpions.  Put the Spartans in the Scorpions.  This should take about 2 minutes. On your way to attack the enemy, try to capture another Base really quick.  After this, do not build anything on the Base, but instead upgrade to ODSTs, +10 population, and Large MAC Blast.  Once you reach the enemy Base, use your 4 MAC Blasts on the Main Base Fortress/Citadel, and then wipe out his units.  Once you lose some population, use your ODST Drop near his Base, and you should win in about 10 minutes.

SUBMITTED BY: The Chizznezz