Halo Wars Strategy - Submit Your Map Specific Strategy

A good Halo Wars strategy should be customized to each specific map.  Because each map is so unique, you must become familiar with all of them to execute a good Halo Wars strategy.  A good customized, map-specific Halo Wars strategy should keep in mind: the locations of Supply Crates, the positions and benefits of Key Locations, and routes of movement.

Symbol Meaning
P1 Player #1’s Base
P2 Player #2’s Base
N Neutral Base
R Reactor
S Supply Elevator
T Teleporter
O Open Base Site
F Flood Gate
E Energy Wall
M Mega Turret

Player’s Base – The beginning Base Sites for each player.

Neutral Base – A Base controlled by Neutral forces.  Once destroyed, you can build a 2nd Base in its’ place.  *Typically guarded by 4 Turrets and 4 Marines.
Reactor – A Reactor controlled by Neutral Forces.  Once captured, you Technology Level will increase by 1.  *Typically guarded by 3-4 Marines.
Supply Elevator – A Supply Pad/Warehouse controlled by Neutral Forces.  Once captured, your supplies will increase at a faster rate.  *Typically guarded by 3-4 Marines.
Teleporter – A device that allows you to immediately transport your units from an Entrance Location to an Exit Location.  These can be very useful for sneak-attacks, and they are typically unguarded.
Open Base Site – A vacant Base Site with no opposition.  You can use this location to build a 2nd Base.
Flood Gate – A special building that once captured, allows you to release Neutral Flood Units to attack the nearest Player (regardless of team).  *Guarded by 1 Flood Defensive building.
Energy Wall – A special Sniper Tower that once garrisoned, allows you to extend an “Energy Wall” that will prevent all units from passing.  *Unguarded.
Mega Turret – A special Turret that once captured, allows you to use its’ basic defensive capabilities, as well as its special Mega Turret Attack, which is quite powerful.  *Guarded by about five 5-Star Veteran Marines, which should not be underestimated.

The area is dominated by large mountains and chasms, but there are still many possible approaches to traverse the rugged landscape.  Scattered Sniper Towers are positioned perfectly to defend key tactical locations.

Key Locations

2 Neutral Bases
2 Supply Elevators

USER SUBMITTED: Covenant Chasms Strategy

Immediately have your Ghost start gathering supplies, build 2 Warehouses, wait, then build another Warehouse, a Temple, and a Barracks.  Then, start building a TON of Jackals (at least 10 squads) and upgrade them.  Then, capture the Supply Elevator closest to your Base.  Next, build a Factory and start producing Wraiths (three is best, with the Heavy shield upgrade).  Meanwhile, you should also be upgrading your Leader and Ages.  After that, capture the Neutral Base closest to you, and only build Warehouses on it.  Build an Air Pad, then start spamming Banshees and upgrade them when you can (if the enemy has aircraft, then you should also build some Vampires with at least the Stasis Drain upgrade).  You can also build Hunters and then upgrade to Hunter Assault Beam if the enemy is building vehicles.  When you try to defeat your opponent, build 3 or 4 Locusts with overdrive. 

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Note: You should be upgrading all of your units regularly during the battle.  BASE DEFENCE IS ESSENTIAL!!!  Build Turrets and scout regularly.

SUBMITTED BY: xX chopmunk Xx

The Flood threatens to overrun this dangerous, but crucially important region.  Send units to activate the console near the enemy’s base to unleash a nasty surprise.

Key Locations

3 Neutral Bases
2 Flood Gates

A good Halo Wars strategy will…
300 ≈ 6 Infected Marines
600 ≈ 8 Infected Marines, 4 Thrasher Forms, and 2 Flood Carriers
900 ≈ 6 Infected Marines, 2 Thrasher Forms, 2 Flood Carriers, and 6 Flood Swarms (Bats)

The Swampy outskirts of Arcadia’s capital city features unclaimed bonus Reactors and offers alternative routes for attack.

Key Locations

2 Neutral Bases
2 Open Base Sites
2 Reactors

A fast and brutal fight awaits in Blood Gulch.  Teleporters allow for surprise attacks, while bonus Reactors offer opportunities for the aggressive.

Key Locations

2 Neutral Bases
2 Supply Elevators
2 Reactors
2 Teleporters


A frozen pond and several craters channel troop movements into killing zones in this battle-scarred region.

Key Locations

4 Neutral Bases
1 Mega Turret
4 Energy Walls

A good Halo Wars strategy will…
Mega Turret:
-Heavily guarded by *** Infantry
-Can Fire Mega Turret about once every 90 seconds
-Will easily destroy a single enemy building, Neutral Base, enemy units (close in proximity)
-Not much use against enemy’s main base